What Are We About?

Our Mission

  • Innovative leadership in the provision of professional development opportunities for occupational therapists and others.

  • Creating the best context for participants to learn in through competently tending to the learning environment.

  • Having fun whilst engaged in learning and providing learning opportunities.

  • Meeting the non-institutional market-end for professional development opportunities.

Our Values

  • People and the Profession

  • Learning

  • Integrity

  • Enthusiasm

  • Responsiveness

  • Competence & Capability

  • Adaptability & Flexibility

  • Hospitality & Enjoyment

Our Vision

  • Bringing you the courses you would love to go on!

  • Creating optimal learning environments!

Our Focus

  • Quality courses enable individual practitioners to engage in quality learning.

  • Participation in continuing education allows practitioners to advance their knowledge, skills and competence to stay current and to better meet the needs of their client groups.

  • Planning and organising boutique quality learning opportunities for Aotearoa New Zealand occupational therapists, whilst not excluding other professions working in a range of health and disability practice settings.

  • Carefully selecting our topics and presenters; aiming to be responsive to practitioners’ learning needs … being at the cutting edge … supporting and reinforcing evidence-based practice … fostering the joy of learning.

Chameleon Courses is the non-work playground of two committed working NZ Registered Occupational Therapists.

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